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Angular systems

MAYER angular systems: robust, reliable, powerful.
Angular systems


No other type of machine is capable of such a high volume of finish cut quality output as the angular system. For this purpose, two fully automatic beam saws are merged into one single unit. The raw boards are placed on one side and come out as finished blanks on the other side. Turning processes and workpiece transfer operations are done automatically and mechanically without human assistance. Control is carried out by our proven software system, which works uncompromisingly with your ERP software. Decades of experience enable you to achieve maximum cost-effectiveness with the cutting unit and mandates the increase of profits of your business.

  • Cutting length of the longitudinal saw: 3200–9000 mm
  • Cutting length of the crosscut saw: 1200–3200 mm
  • Motor power: 18–75 kW
  • Saw blade diameter: 450–860 mm
  • Cutting height: 120–260 mm