Beam saws to process aluminium, non-ferrous metals and plastics.

The range of board materials available on the market today is enormous. In addition to processing aluminium and wood, we develop and produce specially configured machines for cutting plastics.

Perfection is in the detail. For our machine concepts, we have therefore developed numerous detailed solutions that capture every challenge exactly in a nutshell. Whether cutting hard or soft board materials, honeycomb and lightweight construction materials, rolled or cast aluminium panels - we find exactly the right solution for our customers. Even for shaped tubes or round bars, we guarantee to have the right product.

Thanks to the solid construction and the powerful saw carriage, the cutting forces are transmitted vibration-free and with the powerful saw motor, our beam saws process aluminium, non-ferrous metals and plastics with high precision and cutting quality. With saw motors of up to 75 kW power, our machines achieve exceptional feed rates and cutting performance in every application.

  • advanced line 100. The classic – The result of decades of experience.
  • advanced line 130. The experienced – Tailored exactly to customer needs.
  • advanced line 160. The Universal – Several times awarded.
  • advanced line 160 turn. The comfortable – User-friendly material handling.
  • advanced line 200. The massive - For exceptional challenges.
  • advanced line 250. The strong – The strongest in its class.