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MAYER: Worldwide a household name for quality and reliability

For over 60 years the name MAYER has stood for highest quality and precision, as well as first class service for clients. Our many years of experience in engineering are incorporated into every product and therefore guarantee quality, reliability and maximum customer satisfaction.

It has always been our utmost concern to create the work place at our saws as agreeable as possible for man and environment. Engines and energy sources that are not needed we turn off automatically and on again, if required. We only exhaust where chips actually accumulate. With the thin-cut sawing technology, enabled by the heavy, sturdy and low-vibrating construction design of our saws, we only use a minimum of energy.

Furthermore our saws, mainly the models PS80 and PS100, are especially low-noise. For example, the workplace-related emission value of our PS80 is (after EN31202) LPA 73,5 dB (A).
Try and find one that compares!

Production programs:

  • Panel saws for wood, plastics, non-ferrous metals, composite materials, plaster and cement fibre-boards,
    as well as base materials.
  • Feeding systems for panel saws (Lifting table and vacuum feeding).
  • Fully automatic angular plants.
  • Special-purpose solutions relating to panel cutting.
  • Veneer cutting machines.
Furthermore, in collaboration with our long standing partners we offer:
  • Optimisation programmes
  • Automatic storage systems
  • Area storage
  • High bay racking
  • De-stacking systems
  • Exhaust systems
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