Model FH2

A new design:
In order to cut all types of veneers we have developed our
long-established veneer saw further and have improved it practically.

A new design and, of course, a completely overhauled technology.
By default it consists of a saw carriage, which is driven over highly
precise linear bearings, a planning system, a supporting table at the
front, a dust-exhaustion pipe and a parallel stop with magnetic
measurement system.
veneer saw FH2


 Cutting length 3120 / 3520 / 4200 mm
 Saw motor 1,8 kW
 Rotation speed of saw blade 8700 U/min
 Saw blade diameter 180 x 16 mm
 Planning motor 1,2 kW (frequency controlled)
 Head of joining knife HM Ø 85 mm, equipped with 4
cutting edges

Following characteristics mark the FH2:

  • Clean and tear-free cuts, even with dry and brittle veneers, due to the planning system, which can be moved up and down
    pneumatically via linear bearings.
  • The exhaustion-pipe ensures optimal exhaustion.
  • Operation is easy and precise due to the parallel stop with linear bearings and pneumatic clamping.
    The veneer stops are embedded into the table, which makes it possible to attach even thin veneers safely.