Model AL 200

The AL 200 is the big brother of the AL 160.

Characteristics and equipment match those of the AL 160, but as more powerful versions. The heavy machine body and the 44 KW saw motor guarantee high dimensional accuracy and excellent cut quality.

Equipped with all the features a panel saw for aluminium cutting needs, the AL 200 shows its power when cutting aluminium and plastics.

The AL 200 - A secure investment for the future.
panel saw AL 200

AL 200

 Cutting length 3200 - 4200 mm
and non-standard cutting length
 Saw blade projection 215 mm
 Motor capacity:  
 Main saw 44 KW / 50 Hz
 Saw blade diameter:  
 Main saw 670 mm
 Saw carriage:  
 Feed speed 0,2 - 60 m / min
 Return speed 60 m / min
 Material pusher:  
 Feed speed 10 m / min
 Return speed 30 m / min

The Machine guarantees:

Optimal cut quality:
  • Due to the sturdy and low-vibrating construction design of the machine’s body and the high-precision linear bearings
    of the saw plant with central lubrication more...
  • The lifting and lowering of the saw blade is carried out by linear arch bearing and recirculating ball screw.
  • During processing the saw bearing is clamped.
  • The result is a machine with high rigidity and extraordinary cutting quality.

High dimensional accuracy and precise parallel cuts:
  • The measurement system is absolutely free from play.
  • The material pusher is lead on both sides and is powered by a maintenance-free AC servomotor.

Short cutting cycles:
  • Due to optimized traveling distance of the saw plant with rapid feed switch-off.
    The saw plant drives with a high speed directly up to the material and then switches automatically to the set feed speed.

Optimal chip exhaustion:
  • As there is a chip guard attached directly in front and behind the pressure beam.

All-directions roller tables:
  • This allows also heavy panels, which are not even, to be moved easily more...


Dual servo drive:
  • The highly precise solution for the material pusher with measurement systems on both sides and programmable
    correction curves.

Table segments that are raised pneumatically:
  • Makes it possible to move heavy panels easily and without scratching.

Splitting wedge:
  • For panels with high tension more...

Double pressure beam with laser measurement of the panel dimensions:
  • This makes it possible to carry out a minimal trim cut (chip or scratch cut), independent from the set panel measurement. Therefore an optimal utilisation of material with perfect exhaustion is possible.

Noise protection and energy efficiency:
  • We also offer special noise protection systems and make sure that the energy consumption is as low as possible.
    Not required engines turn off automatically and exhaustion only takes place where chips actually accumulate.